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A research-based social emotional program designed for families and educators


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Has your child ever asked you a question that left you stumped?

We’re here for you. 

RAISE is an innovative, research-based social emotional program specially designed for families, caregivers, and educators. It was created by two educators with 15 years of experience and is engineered to be hands-on, easy-to-use, and most importantly, fun for you and your children!

Birth of a Sibling

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How do you prepare your little one for a new bundle of joy coming home?

Loss of a Loved One

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Whether it is a pet, plant, or loved one, death is an inevitable, and challenging, aspect of life. How do you talk about it with a child?

Learning Differences

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Is your child going through difficulty at school? Has your child noticed that some kids learn differently from them? Let’s talk about how to address this at home.


Coming soon

How do you handle the situation when your child notices people that look or act differently than them?

Strong Emotions

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Temper tantrums, screaming, curse words, oh my! How do you support your child in identifying and expressing those tough feelings?

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