Raising kids, Raising consciousness

The research-based social emotional program for families and educators.


What does raising consciousness mean?

Educating children how to be conscious of their feelings, words, and actions

We know children feel emotions just as intensely as adults, yet are still learning how to process and regulate them. We believe in addressing difficult feelings the moment they arise, so they do not build up and fester. 

Supporting caregivers in making conscious, thoughtful decisions as they raise their children

We know how essential it is to discuss difficult topics ahead of time to prepare children. We believe in evolving in our understanding of how children learn and develop, staying up to date on current research.

What challenges will RAISE help you overcome?

Have you ever put yourself in a child's shoes today, growing up in the 21st century?

Children today are faced with an onslaught of challenges that we, as caregivers, did not face in our own childhoods.

Mass shootings, addiction to technology, cyberbullying, and the climate crisis are just a few of the pressures children today are learning to navigate and understand. 

Research shows…

  • Since Sandy Hook, there have been 2,195 mass shootings in America.
  • Teens scored 40% lower in empathy levels than teens three decades ago.
  • Cyberbullying incidents tripled within a single year.
  • Results of bullying starting in children as young as age three.
  • One in five children in the US today meet the criteria for a mental health disorder in their lifetime.
  • Teen stress is now at a higher level than stress reported by adults.

We have a responsibility...

A responsibility today to foster a safer, more empathetic world for our children. At RAISE, we cultivate empathy, teach self-regulation skills, and foster open-mindedness. 

When children use RAISE, they are empowered and will gain a deeper understanding of challenging topics. Caregivers will feel equipped with the research and tools they need to guide successful and productive conversations with their children.

What we offer:


Helpful Guides

We provide step-by-step guidance on how to talk to your child about challenging topics.

Research-Based Resources

As a busy parent or teacher, you don’t have time to sift through all the research out there. We’ve got your back!

A Chance to Connect

We help you build routines and structures to support an environment that allows children to feel safe in expressing themselves.

Innovative Ideas

As our world changes rapidly, we can no longer rely on what our own parents did. We are providing forward-thinking content for you and your children.

Engaging Content

From hands-on activities for parents and kids to our blog, we provide tons of engaging content for children and adults.

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