A Time of Togetherness and Memory-Making

While social distancing has us cooped up at home, it can be hard to think of new, fun activities to keep kids engaged. You’re tasked with working from home and leading your child through homeschool activities. It’s perfectly understandable that it feels draining to find the energy to do anything else.

Yet, when else have we had so much time together as a family? When children look back on this time, they are going to remember the extra time they had with their parents and siblings. They are going to remember the energy in the homes, more than anything else. If we can even add one special activity a day, it will bring joy and positive memories to our children and ourselves during this difficult time.

RAISE Has Your Back!

We have created a FREE download of 24 activities you can do at home! These require minimal prep. Your child can either do these activities independently or with family members. Remember when we were kids and we used to build forts, act out skits, and create scavenger hunts to entertain ourselves? By being forced to slow down, our society has an opportunity to bring these screen-free, playful experiences back to our kids today.

24 Creative Activities at Home Resource!

Click on the link below to enjoy these engaging and fun activities! Let us know in the comments which were your favorite!

Activities at Home