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POSTPONED! Thursday, March 12th


Conscious Conflict Management

Join us as we teach you age-specific tools and activities you can set up at home to help your (4-12 year old) child manage conflict in a calm and proactive manner. 

We will be at The Haven Co-Working Space (1001 SW Disk Drive, Suite 250).

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*Adults only.


Four Tuesdays, 3/31-4/21, 5:30-6:30

4 Part Series: A Deep Dive Into Conflict Navigation

Join us for a four-week gathering to learn about proactive ways of helping your child navigate conflict, and to connect with fellow parents.

Week 1: The WHY of conflict and HOW to navigate it

Week 2: The role of the child in conflict

Week 3: The role of the adult in conflict

Week 4: Putting it all together WITH your child present!