Conflict Navigation Bundle (Digital Download)


With all this extra time at home with your kids, are you finding yourself frustrated with intercepting and mitigating conflict at home? Whether it be between adults and children, or among siblings, we have a simple protocol you can utilize at home to greatly reduce conflict.

This digital download product includes:

  • an informative welcome video to guide you through the resources and our approach to resolving conflict
  • a detailed, 14-page guidebook for parents, including research on child development and conflict, instructions on when and how to get involved with conflict, and more
  • a 14-page child activity book to help build understanding of why we get frustrated and get involved in conflict as well as strategies for calming and navigating conflict
  • four posters you can print and post around the house to visually reinforce how to manage conflict (black & white, as well as colored version included)


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