Gift-Giving Made Meaningful

The holidays: countless trips to the mall, gift wish lists lengthening by the minute, piles of wrapping paper, and frantic rushing to get it all done! While the holidays can be filled with precious family memories, many of us find ourselves distracted, overwhelmed, and lost in our endless to-do lists. Children also often find themselves roped into the “gimme” mindset, focused solely on all the gifts they want to acquire. 

Not to worry. There is a way out of this cycle! Your family can shift their focus from consumerism to acts of giving back to the community, the Earth, and each other with thoughtful, alternative gift options. Read on to learn our top 5 favorites! 

1) The RAISE Holiday Book

We’ve designed a Holiday Activity Book that the whole family can enjoy! You’ll find plenty of activities to keep your children busy during the holiday break, as well as ideas for thoughtful gift giving. 

In our product, we include:

  • Learning about holidays around the world
  • Winter Acrostic poem
  • Holiday word unscramble
  • Ideas for screen-free fun at home during the holiday break
  • Ideas for giving back to the community and Earth during the holidays
  • Gratitude journal page
  • Setting intentions for the New Year
  • Thank You Card templates

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2) A Gift to the Community 

The holidays are the perfect time to teach children about giving back to your community. Children can give a gift to their communities by volunteering their time. 

Ideas include:

  • Volunteering at a soup kitchen
  • Donating food and clothing to homeless shelters
  • Visiting people at senior centers and singing them a song or reading them a book
  • Writing cards for children in the hospital

3) A Gift to the Earth

We can also give gifts to the Earth during the holidays! This shows we are grateful for all the Earth provides us. 

Ideas include:

  • Planting trees
  • Picking up litter
  • Reusing materials in new ways to cut down on waste


4) Homemade Gifts

When a child makes or receives a homemade gift, these gifts are cherished for years to come. Children often discard toys after a year or two (or even just a few months), as they grow older and lose interest. While parents also appreciate any gift from a child, the most precious are the gifts children spend the time to thoughtfully create. 

Instead of buying gifts for each other this year, encourage your family to try making each other homemade gifts. Not only are these gifts you will truly want to hold onto, but your family will also enjoy the experience of making them together! 

Ideas include: 

  • Making a scrapbook
  • Painting or drawing artwork
  • Writing a story with your family members as the characters
  • Knitting a blanket, beanie, or mittens 
  • Making jewelry
  • Writing and performing a song for a family member
  • Building a birdhouse or a tree house

5) Experience Gifts: Create New Family Traditions

One of the best ways to build family memories is to create new experiences together. Each family member will be in charge of creating a new family holiday tradition. Once you share your ideas with each other, go out and experience them together. Remember to take photos and/or videos so you can always look back on these special moments!

Ideas include:

  • Driving around the neighborhoods of your town on a hunt to find the best holiday lights and decorations
  • A family board game tournament
  • A family holiday movie night – complete with popcorn and hot cocoa!
  • Deliver baked goods to the neighbors
  • Carol around the neighborhood
  • Have a family bake-off. Imagine you’re on the “The Great British Baking Show” and compete to bake the most delicious treat! 
  • If weather allows, have a snowman building contest


Gift Giving and Receiving Never Felt So Good! 

As you can see, the holidays are the perfect time to teach your children about the joys of thoughtful giving and gratitude. We hope you enjoy this holiday season, now full of beautiful family memories and treasured homemade goodies instead of frantic rushing and easily discarded gifts!